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My story

I bring 30+ years of business experience and a sense of humour to all my leadership coaching plans & courses.

Over the years, I’ve worked with scores of CEO/Founders and business owners, and held a number of director positions within SMEs – most of them agencies or consultancies. I’ve always loved the dynamics of running efficient organisations and nurturing talent.

At the age of 29, I was made MD of a mid-sized marketing agency, working with the likes of Vodafone, Virgin, and Ford. But working with these big fish never set my soul on fire in the same way that making a difference with SMEs always has. So I pivoted. I've been a CEO/Founder in my own right since 2007, supporting other owner/managers and leaders across many different industry sectors.

Qualifying as a coach allowed me to lean into my passion for supporting talented team players and leaders. I love helping people experience that a-ha moment when they realise why something wasn’t working before or discover a new perspective.

Get results like these

"Invaluable support & guidance on my road to becoming a CEO.

I found Kate’s approach, technique and style to be very refreshing in comparison to other “coaching” experiences I’ve had in in the past." - Craig Northveth, CEO

"The best experience I've had thus far with coaching.

I feel that I'm in a vastly more empowered place than when we started, having achieved some of my desired outcomes and being in the process of achieving others."

- Emem Attah, Management Accountant

"Kate's coaching had a transformative effect.

Kate helped me build my confidence, and gave me the tools to approach challenging situations with a new perspective."

- Marie-Sophie Ferriere,

Sales & Marketing Manager

My coaching approach

I've always found it excruciating to write about myself. It just doesn't feel like a comfortable thing to do. So I asked a coach who I admire greatly to help me and this is what she said about me (I'm blushing as I copy and paste this but she insists I must!):

"Kate is not just a leadership coach, but a trusted ally in the journey of executive growth and advancement. Drawing on her personal insights from years spent in senior management, she guides executives, nurtures talent, and enables each client to carve out their own solutions to the most taxing leadership challenges.  

"Her approach is multi-faceted, covering leadership impact, self-leadership skills, team development, and career advancement. Kate's coaching is designed to ignite confidence, clarity, motivation, and a re-energised sense of purpose, enabling her clients to push boundaries in their professional lives and instigate meaningful and sustained change.  

"Kate's uplifting coaching style is an equal mix of empathy and results-focus, offering full support as well as constructive challenge, all done in a partnership spirit and delivered with professionalism that’s sprinkled with levity. Kate creates a reassuring, safe harbour for her clients to investigate their goals, tackle obstacles, and unleash their true potential.  

"Clients who choose to have a series of sessions enjoy the benefit of having a level of accountability and the momentum to keep moving forwards. Clients will be equipped with the essential tools to navigate intricate scenarios, make informed decisions, and reach leadership milestones with assured confidence and fulfilment."

Well, I can't top that. I'm off for a lie down.


Leadership Habits Checklist

Simple, daily steps you can take straight away to improve your approach to leadership.

Lead with confidence and purpose.

Don't be like Linda (my "toxic manager" character on TikTok).

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