Helping CEO/Founders &

leaders overcome frustration, overwhelm and self-doubt

Bring out the best in others by bringing the best version of yourself to your leadership role

Helping CEO/Founders & leaders overcome frustration, overwhelm and self-doubt

Bring out the best in others by bringing the best version of yourself to your leadership role.

Coaching & mentorship for leaders

I help CEO/Founders, business owners and leaders, go from screaming into a pillow when they think about team management to enjoying being inspirational, authoritative yet empathetic leaders, so they can hit their targets and achieve their personal and organisational objectives with ease.

Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to motivating others, struggling to keep your cool when people don't meet your expectations or confused about coping with conflict?

Maybe you started a business or simply found yourself in a leadership position, but received no guidance or support on how to be a great leader. You've come to the right place.

All my one-to-one coaching & mentorship programmes are delivered with energy and humour, so you come away with memorable, insightful and tangible solutions to your challenges. Professional development doesn't have to be boring or hard work - I make sure every session is enjoyable and uplifting.

I help all sorts of leaders, and specialise in supporting owner/managers or people at senior leadership level in small to mid-sized business. I also work with those recently-promoted to those in the C-Suite across a range of industries, sectors and organisation types/sizes, to accelerate success by enhancing their own leadership skills, and guiding them to elevate both individual & team performance.

The key to creating a more engaged and motivated team, and enjoying being a more confident, purposeful leader, could already be in your hands.

Free Leadership Habits Checklist

If you're finding leadership harder work than it should be or struggling to carve out time to think strategically, here's an easy-to-follow guided checklist to get you started.

My free Leadership Habits Checklist sets out some simple, daily steps you can take straight away to improve your approach to leadership, so you can move forward with clarity and purpose.

Unlock your leadership potential

Leadership isn’t a skill you're born with.

With time, commitment, and the right support, you can become a more impactful, confident person who inspires others and leads with purpose.

Our sessions together will give you space to explore whatever challenges you’re currently facing in your role. With my guidance, you’ll identify your strengths, priorities, and leadership style, and discover solutions to your own issues, whilst finding clarity and purpose for your future.

Enjoy what you do & do it well

You're at work for hundreds of hours every year - you deserve to enjoy it.

Leading well not only brings out the best in others, it makes your role as a leader more enjoyable too.

Whether you're a senior executive with decades of experience, an owner/manager, a newly promoted manager, or someone aspiring to become an inspirational leader, my coaching & courses have helped scores of people enhance their leadership skills and elevate both individual and team performance. Why not join me to step up your skills and have some fun in the process?

How I can help you

"Kate brings a level of freshness to leadership coaching that is much needed in this ever changing working environment. Her perspectives and angles to work life queries and concerns are second to none."



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