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If you have a clear strategic goal for your business, you’ll want to ensure that your people plan delivers what you’re setting out to achieve. If your team isn’t meeting your objectives, let’s look at your HR strategy together and work on some solutions.

Together, we can create a more strategic approach to HR, including talent management, succession planning, reward strategies, performance management, staff retention, training and development.

At the heart of most small businesses is its key resource – the people.

You want all your people to be engaged and performing at their best so they can deliver the best service to your customers. I can help you enhance engagement and uncover any issues – and find effective solutions.

Even if most of the team is working well, when you have someone who isn’t quite hitting the mark, you don’t want to be distracted with having to get them on track. If you’ve got a great team, you want to keep them that way and I can help you do just that.


Even small businesses need employee contracts, an employee handbook, and HR policies and procedures. I can take the hassle out of this and handle it for you.
Planning your team for the next 12 months and beyond is challenging when you’re just setting out or gearing up for growth or exit. I can help you plan your recruitment, induction, training and retention strategies.

Sometimes managing people can be hard and issues arise despite your good intentions. I’m not afraid of challenging HR issues, and can handle them with diplomacy and efficiency, leaving you to get on with running your business.

I can handle grievances, disciplinaries, redundancies and consultations.


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