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I am a qualified executive coach (ILM Level 7)

I work with CEOs, senior executives, and experienced and new managers

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When you’re a business leader, you might feel that you should have all the answers. When you don’t, who do you turn to?

Coaching gives you dedicated time and space to talk confidentially about the issues that matter to you and can help uncover solutions for sustainable change or a new approach. Often leaders and senior executives look to coaching to help them develop in areas like leadership, stress management, confidence/imposter syndrome, people pleasing, going to excess, perfectionism, procrastination, performance anxiety or strategic thinking. 

I can help you move forward by working with you in a series of sessions which are completely confidential and uplifting.

You might be a leader or member of an executive team that’s coping with rapid growth, ambitious plans for change or facing the fallout from a restructure, and you’re not sure how to bring the senior team together to share the vision and work collaboratively.

Sometimes executives can be great at their specialism, but could do with a re-set on how they interact with others, encouraged to bring renewed energy to face more change or supported with meeting collective objectives.

The team (or one or more members of the team) might benefit from individual or group coaching to discover new approaches and find fresh solutions.

You’re great at your job, so the next step is to become a manager, but no-one has really told you how. Perhaps a generic management training course isn’t quite personal enough.

You’ve got a tricky team member and you’re not sure what to do when it comes to tackling difficult conversations. How do you get the best out of your team? How do you get the best out of yourself?

Being a line manager can be daunting and demanding. Getting some coaching can get you off to a good start (or even help an experienced manager to find new approaches or renew their energy to lead with purpose).

If you line manage someone who needs some support to reach their full potential, but traditional performance management techniques haven’t worked, you might consider getting them some coaching.

As their manager, you act as a “sponsor” for the coaching programme. You set out the topics on which you’d like the person to be coached and explain the ideal outcome you hope coaching will achieve.

The sponsor (usually a line manager), the coachee and I have an initial meeting (Teams/Zoom or in person) to set out how coaching works, gain commitment from all sides, establish confidentiality and then agree the coaching topics. Typical topics might include management style, collaboration, time management, stress management, work/life balance, career development, their “brand” and communication skills.

I keep all sessions confidential, only reporting back to the sponsor to confirm that the coachee is attending sessions and showing commitment to change.

I’m a parent to two amazing teenagers. One is non-binary and autistic, the other is gay. Whilst I’m no medical or psychological expert, I certainly consider myself to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ and neuro-divergent communities and understand how parenting challenges can affect how we feel and behave.

Whilst I don’t seek to offer guidance to teenagers, I support parents who are bringing up extraordinary children and do this with empathy and compassion.

I am a qualified executive coach – ILM Level 7 is the highest level of coaching qualification in the ILM programme.

I operate within a clear ethical framework based on the ICF code of ethics. This code sets out clear guidelines for coaches and helps clients know that they can rely on working with an ethically sound coach.

Clients can expect:

  • A non-judgemental, safe space
  • Confidentiality, honesty and integrity
  • An active listener who poses questions to evoke awareness and challenges respectfully to facilitate growth
  • A clear and straightforward process of engagement

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